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2017 Trediberri Barolo

2017 Trediberri Barolo

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“Nicola Oberto is one of the most dynamic, emerging producers in Piedmont today … my impression is that the best is yet to come for (this) small estate in La Morra.” Antonio Galloni

“One of the most knowledgeable and passionate young producers to have appeared on the Langhe scene in years.” Ian D’Agata

Since the late 1980s, La Morra has been the Barolo commune most strongly associated with the Langhe’s Modernist movement. Even today, Accomasso and Marcarini are among the few famous traditionalists you will spot while scouring the La Morra landscape.

Though many of La Morra’s modern-leaning producers have since drifted back towards classicism, there are still few hard-core traditionalists to be found. But in the past decade a new estate, Trediberri, has created considerable excitement as the Next great Old School azienda.

Trediberri was founded in 2007 as a partnership of three men: Nicola Oberto; Nicola’s father Federico, and the Torinese banker, Vladimiro Rambaldi. Federico contributed prime family holdings in Torriglione and the renowned Rocche dell’Annunziata, and the three jointly purchased 5ha in La Morra’s historic Berri MGA. Nicola runs the estate today, and the project is named after the three partners and their common purchase: Tre-di-Berri, or Three of Berri.

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