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About Us

Our Story - 

Accent was founded in 2021 by a Chef and a Sommelier who believe that wine doesn’t have to be hard: drinking delicious juice should be fun!

There's never been a better time in history to be a wine drinker: we have never had more choice, with amazing wines being made in every corner of the globe, from Patagonia to the Cape of Good Hope, from the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon to the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. 

The downside of having so many delicious options is how do you know what’s worth trying with your Indian curry takeout or a great cheeseburger? There are thousands of labels at the grocery store, some of which are literally the same wine as other bottles but with a different label. How do you know which wines are honestly made? And what the heck do all those German words mean on a label? 

But the worst thing is that many people are too scared to ask about wine because they have been ridiculed by snobs. Why should anyone be looked down upon for just trying to learn about an amazing beverage? 

That’s why we created Accent. We want to make the most delicious wines in the world accessible to everyone. From sought-after collectibles to crushable patio pounders, we think everyone should have the opportunity to experience and learn about the most amazing bottles in the world without the pretentiousness associated with it. 

Let's make wine fun again.


How we pick wine

We only have one rule. It has to be delicious. 

What is delicious? We love what the great Paul Grieco once said, that one sip demands another. 

Beyond that, we profess that we do have a preference for small, artisanal producers, many of whom are on the more organic, biodynamic, or natural side of things, but we aren’t dogmatic about it. We just want to offer an intentionally small, curated selection of the greatest juice in the world and make it accessible to everyone.

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