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NV La Staffa “Mai Sentito” Pet Nat

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La Staffa is a winery run by Riccardo Baldi in the Marche, Italy.  They produce some of the country's very best Verdicchio wines, which is really saying something considering the fact that Verdicchio is one of Italy's very best white grapes. Like many of our favorite producers around the world Riccardo makes wine in a very traditional mold: Farming is certified organic, fermentation are conducted with native yeast with out any additives, and the wines are aged in steel and concrete rather than new oak.  These are delicious pure expressions of the grapes without embellishment gentled guided by Riccardo. Now that's not to say he's never done something experimental like making a Verdicchio based Pet-Nat called Mai Senetito aka "Unheard of".  This is Riccardo testing the bounds of what Verdicchio is capable of. Fresh and tart with balanced acidity, this is a lovely sparkling Verdicchio that works great as an aperitif or with salads, roast chicken, or seafood. - Andy Paynter

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