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2021 Aransat Orange Wine

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If you've never had an orange wine before this is a great place to start. For those who don't know, orange wine does not refer to the source material (they are made with grapes not citrus fruit) but rather the color of the finished wine, which can be a deep, amber orange.  This result is achieved by macerating the crushed white grapes with the juice during, and often after, fermentation to extract pigments from the skins that are not found in your typical white wine.  Long story short, this orange wine offers very typical aromas for a macerated white, spicy notes with subtle floral tones and bright citrus, with out any of the funk in the trunk found in more "natty" examples of the style.  Frankly, even if you are an old hand when it comes to orange wine this is a tasty bottle of vino that goes down easily with or without food. - Andy Paynter
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