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2020 Poderi Cellario "Il Giovanotto" Nuovo Dolcetto, 1 Liter

2020 Poderi Cellario "Il Giovanotto" Nuovo Dolcetto, 1 Liter-Accent Wine-Wine Stop-Wine Store-Wine Delivery-Wine Tasting-Wine Classes-Columbus Wine-Event Planning

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"Today we are very excited to officially unveil a project that we have quietly been working on with one of our beloved producers, Fausto Cellario in Piedmont...YEP, it's Italian "nouveau"....but, hey it's Italy, so let's call it NUOVO...Freshly pressed, naturally made (as always), super delicious 2020 wines.

This is an idea that we’ve been mulling over to a few producers over the past couple of years...in normal times I'm lucky enough to travel to Italy during the harvest and often get the chance to taste the "baby wines" as the producers call them. These wines have such a lively, jovial and energetic style to them I can't help but smile and get excited to drink them and imagine the wines they will become in 6 months time. But there's something special about those super fresh wines, the vino 'novello' as the old timers call it in Italy...simple and direct pleasure when done right.

Now, I know I don't need to talk to you all about perils of industrial style nouveau...like all things, nouveau in the hands of talented and serious winemakers can become something special all unto itself and it's serves as a reminder of bounty and hard work of the recent harvest. Yes, these wines are "nouveau" but they are complete and delicious wines nonetheless!

Cellario, il Giovanotto MMXX (liter!):
I called Fausto one afternoon in about mid-September...I said, "hey, what do you think about making a super fresh, fun "novello" style Dolcetto?"....he paused for about 3 seconds and said..."well, I just harvested a few tons of dolcetto today, it's in the tractor I'm driving right now...I was gonna use it to make part of the rosato but....andiamo, I'm in!" and thus was born the new 100% carbonic maceration dolcetto liter called "il Giovanotto" (the youngin'). Cellario vinified it in stainless steel and racked it a couple times...then sent me a sample...he and I tried it together over the phone and damn....it's SO good! I asked, "so, how much you got?"

270 cases produced"

-- SelectioNaturel, Importer

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