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2020 Cep Pinot Noir, Sonoma Coast

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Cep is a true second label of Peay Wines in West Sonoma Coast. Peay is without a doubt one of the finest producers in the Sonoma Coast and were one of the strongest voices for the creation of the West Sonoma Coast AVA. 

"Husband and wife, Nick Peay & Vanessa Wong, grow and make the wine and brother Andy Peay sells the wine and runs the business.

With minor exceptions, all wines are made from grapes grown on our 53-acre hilltop vineyard located above a river in the far northwestern corner of the West Sonoma Coast, 4 miles from the Pacific Ocean at Sea Ranch. We grow 34 acres of Pinot noir (4 Pinots: Scallop Shelf, Pomarium, Ama, Sonoma Coast), 8 acres of Syrah (2 Syrah: Les Titans, La Bruma), 7 acres of Chardonnay (2 Chardonnay: Estate, Sonoma Coast), 1.8 acres of Viognier (Estate), 0.4 acres of Roussanne and 0.2 acres of Marsanne (Estate blend). We also make a Pinot noir from the famed Savoy Vineyard in Anderson Valley.

We are certified organic farmers with a respect for Mother Nature’s ability to create an intricately complex and balanced natural environment. We do not till our soils but seek to encourage soil and root health. We maintain our certifications for fish-friendly farming and integrated pest management. We also run on bio-diesel at the vineyard and solar power at both the vineyard and winery. The long-term health of our vineyard dictates these approaches to farming and making wine.

A True Second Label

We drink wine every night. You have to eat dinner, no? Occasionally, we want something that is delicious with some complexity but does not cost an arm and a leg. It is hard to find that. Into the void enters Cep Vineyards’ wines.

Cep Pinot noir and Syrah are made solely from barrels of Peay Vineyards’ estate wines that through the blending process were not selected for a Peay Pinot noir or Syrah. We always make the Peay wines without knowing the production amounts of various potential blends. That way we focus exclusively on quality and do not consider financial implications when determining which wines will make the cut. This may mean we bottle only 70-80% of what we grow and make under the Peay label. It is the price of ensuring Peay wines meet our and your quality standards. The remaining barrels of wine – grown and made using the same exacting processes and standards as they are intended for Peay bottlings - become Cep wines.

A few years ago, we got the itch to make Rosé and Sauvignon Blanc and discovered a vineyard in the Russian River Valley – Hopkins - where we could make fresh, bright, and crisp wines and added them to the Pinot noir and Syrah we make under the Cep label. These wines are similar in spirit and intention to Peay wines.

We don’t make very many bottles of any of the wines and they are priced to be enjoyed without too much fuss and wringing of hands over cost. We hope they frequent your table in between bottles of Peay." -- Winery

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